August 2, 2018


Things are pretty much back to normal now.  Whatever that means!

We are back in the saddle taking care of Agape Flights here in Les Cayes.  We are not the only ones doing this, but we are kind of overseeing the operation here.  Today was  a scheduled Agape Flight day.  We arrived at the airport about 1:20pm.  The plane was scheduled to arrive at 1:45pm.  When we pulled into the parking lot we immediately knew something else was going on.  Several UN vehicles were parked inside.  Armed police and military personnel were standing around all over the place.  An airport employee told us to wait in the van.  Someone “important” was coming.   After waiting a few minutes a huge UN helicopter appeared from the north and landed at the airport.  Police & soldiers started changing positions and automatic weapons were visible everywhere.  Before long an entourage of people exited from the airport terminal to the parking lot and armed soldiers and police were scrambling everywhere.  I managed to sneak a couple of pictures before they all were loaded into their vehicles and then they were gone.

The tall man in the center is apparently the important person.  I don’t know who he is, but we did say hello to each other as he passed by the van.  He was cordial toward us.

The police you see in the picture above were two of several who ran out into the street and secured the area as the convoy of vehicles left the parking lot.

Fortunately there were no incidents and we were able to go inside and wait for the Agape Flights plane to arrive.  Which it did.  We unloaded the plane.  Drove back to the Agape Cayes Depot and distributed the delivered cargo.

We stopped at a couple of stores on the way home to pick up a few grocery items then made our way home.

At home, Alland, who oversees the wood shop, was outside working on a door, seen below.

And, we have several desks for the Hope Source School that are in the process of being repaired.  I will be going to town tomorrow to purchase some wood to use for repairing the desks.  When we build some more, we will probably weld together a metal frame and use wood for the seat and desk top.  The wood ones were built 3 years ago and holding up pretty good considering the abuse they get.  And they are kinda out in the weather too.  Not in enclosed classrooms.  The picture below is of desks being repaired.

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