August 9, 2018

Agape Flights of Venice, Florida in Les Cayes, Haiti on August 09, 2018 Taking the cargo to the van to transport it to the Agape Cayes Post Office.
Cargo being delivered to a missionary. The cargo is being loaded into their vehicle to be transported to their facility.


It has now become an almost every week event that Agape Flights is flying into Les Cayes to deliver cargo to the missionaries here.  It is such a valuable life-line of support that we cannot say THANK YOU! enough to express our gratitude for their service.  It is not a free service.   Agape Flights needs YOUR SUPPORT!  Every missionary must pay a nominal fee for the cargo we receive.  But the benefits certainly outweigh the costs far beyond what we have to pay.  Please visit the website of Agape Flights:

Please feel free to donate to Agape Flights to help support their ministry in the Caribbean Region.  If you would like to make sure your donation helps Andy & Debbie Roemer, please leave that note with them when you donate.

Today we received over 1600 pounds of cargo.  When the Holiday Season hits and more & more stuff is being delivered, it is not uncommon for Agape Flights to make a special trip to Les Cayes to deliver cargo.  Last year we were receiving over 3000 pounds of cargo a week during the Holiday Season!  This is awesome stuff!  Please join us in supporting Agape Flights!

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