Back In Haiti July 2018

Hello!   Debbie and Andy Roemer returned to Haiti on Monday, July 23, 2018.  We stayed overnight in Port au Prince with our good friends David & Angie Senat.  The trip and travels went fine.  On Tuesday we took a bus from Port au Prince to Les Cayes and were picked up at the bus depot there by our friend David Jean.  David & his wife Rose are good, faithful, trustworthy friends who kept our truck while we were gone.  David met us at the bus depot in our truck and we then went to their home, visited for a while and then headed home.

After being gone for almost three months, we were not quite sure how things would be inside and outside our home.  We were pleasantly surprised to find everything in very good shape!

We are back in “The Groove” here in Haiti.  We will be taking care of Agape Flights today (Thursday).  Fortunately it is a light load being delivered to Les Cayes today.  At 661 pounds it will be an easy day.  We are certainly thankful for Agape Flights!

There is much to be doing here!  We have a lot to accomplish for the school.  It is time to start putting plans in place to start construction of classrooms.  We have been operating the school under “The Tent” for three years now and we really do need to get some classrooms built!  Please join us in this adventure!

Thanks for visiting!


Andy & Debbie Roemer

At the bus depot in Port au Prince with our luggage.

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