Friday July 27, 2018

I left early this morning to go into Les Cayes to get the paperwork for my truck renewed for another year.  It took about 3 hours to get it done.  You have to visit two different offices to get the work done.  For many years they were not very close to each other.  But that has changed, so it does simplify the process in that respect.  Of course we know that it should all be done in one office and in a much more streamlined manner.  One office is called Direction Génèrale des Impots (DGI).  The other office is OAVCT: Office d’Assurance Vèhicules Contre Tiers.  From what I understand it is the national “insurance” program.  And another thing I understand is: as far as insurance is concerned, it is worthless.  But you have to have it.  On occasion and at various locations police will set up road blocks and check the paperwork of almost every vehicle passing by.  If your paperwork is not up to date, your vehicle may be impounded.  Definitely don’t want that to happen.  It is much easier to keep the paperwork up to date!  Below is a picture of me with David Jean who took care of going in the offices and getting the paperwork done for me.


The Wood Shop is also going strong.  The pictures below were taken today, July 27, 2018.  The wood shop is providing employment for 4 to 5 men.  They buy quantities of rough cut lumber and use it to build the furniture.  The furniture is made to order.  They are looking for a place in town where they can open up a store front so they can build furniture and have it there ready to sell.

The pictures above give you a good idea of what they are doing to build furniture. They glue up the slabs then cut their pieces from those slabs.  The man in the picture is making the top for a dining table.

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