HSI School

The Hope Source Community School of Maillard came into existence in 2015.  The school came about as a restructuring of a school that had been in existence for about 30 years under the leadership of Pastor Jean (John) Ramonque.   He had been operating the school on less than a shoestring budget attempting to cater to children in the surrounding communities who came from families that do not have the financial resources to send their children to other schools, or the national school.

When Pastor Ramonque lost use of the property and building where his school had operated for almost 30 years he turned to Andy & Debbie Roemer for help.  Pastor Ramonque came to us in tears because he feared his beloved school was going to have to shut down and cease to exist.  As we began to search for options he mentioned a piece of property that we could possibly purchase and operate the school there.  We did pursue that option.  However, we have not been able to build any classrooms yet.  We have been operating for three years under a huge tent that was donated by another missionary organization.  There are no walls.  The 8 classrooms are divided by the chalkboards we built.  And, as of now, the chalkboards are the sole teaching aid device available to the teachers.

Hope Source School of Maillard is still operating.  We have purchased the property.  And we are working towards getting the financial resources to begin building classrooms.  Please enjoy the pictures that are included!

For ONLY $25 per month you can support a child.  The child will receive an education and a meal every day that he/she attends school.  This is one of the best things you can do for a child today!  DONATE

Hope Source Community School of Maillard

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