Medical Assistance

HOPE SOURCE is providing necessary medical assistance when needed and when we have the financial resources.  Below pictures and stories of some we have helped.   Michaela has a link to her own page so we can better tell the story of how she is receiving help.

You can help too.




We were introduced to this young lady while on a medical mission trip in the mountains north of Les Cayes.

We took her to a doctor who sent a biopsy to Port au Prince.  It was determined that she had TB.

Here she is back home, posing with her dad & Andy & Debbie Roemer.

The treatment for TB was a success and she is a healthy young lady.

This young girl was met when we went to visit a sugar cane mill.  Her legs were covered with open sores.

We were able to get her to a doctor and get an ointment for treatment.

This young lady showed up at our facility needing obvious help.

Both ears were affected.  She was sent to a doctor in Les Cayes and we were able to get her taken care of.