January 2019 Life in Haiti

We are back in Haiti after visiting family & friends in Louisville, KY and Pensacola, FL during November & December 2018.

One of the first projects upon returning was repairing and upgrading benches used at the Hope Source School of Maillard.  The school is still operating under a tent and is in dire need of financial assistance to be able to construct a building.  Please go to our donate page to contribute toward this very worthy cause.  THANKS!!!


Maintaining The Wood Shop

The wood shop is staying very busy.  We had to replace a bearing in the motor and the belt for the table saw.  Considering the use/abuse it gets I am very impressed with it.

I had it for a few years at home in Louisville before bringing it to Haiti.  And this is the first time for a belt and/or bearing replacement.

Building Trusses for a church.

I used an online website to design trusses for a church that needs a roof.  I went to town in my truck, bought the lumber, hauled it home and filled up the yard with the lumber.  I had Alland, a Haitian man who lives upstairs in our Headquarters/home, cut all the pieces for the trusses.  He used a 10″ Harbor Freight sliding miter saw that was well used before we came to Haiti, and it is getting very much used here it Haiti.  It is definitely ready to be replaced.  We’ve taken it apart and “repaired” it a few times.  When Alland was finished cutting all the pieces we did a test on the ground to make sure they would all fit together correctly.  And they did!  Alland did a great job cutting all the angles and lengths correctly.  Then the truck was loaded up again and off I went to the church construction site.  Alland and a couple other men built the trusses on the floor of the church building and installed them while I was elsewhere taking care of other business.  Now we are waiting to raise the funds to purchase the metal for the roof.

We are very grateful for your support of all we are doing in Haiti.  And we thank you for visiting our website. Have a great day!


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