The Hope Source School of Maillard 2019!


We sincerely apologize for the long absence.  The past twelve months have been quite the challenge but we are still alive and well and continuing on with our work in Haiti.  We are in the process of constructing a building for the Hope Source School of Maillard.  We are desperately needing funds to continue on with and completion of this project.  The Hope Source School of Maillard caters to children in the community that come from families too poor to pay even a few dollars tuition.  For the past four years the school has been operating under a huge tent.  This is going to change very soon and everyone is excited!

Enrollment in the school is around 100 students or more.  The school provides education for grades preschool to 6th grade.  We employ one Administrator, a Principal, seven teachers and one janitor/grounds keeper.  All the salaries are paid via funds donated to Hope Source International, Inc.

Funds are needed to buy material to build the trusses for the roof; material to build more desks; material to build moveable partitions that will be used as walls; school supplies; bathrooms and more!

This is a very worthwhile project.  Please accept our invitation to go to our donate page and contribute to this cause.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!



We definitely need to build more benches.

As you can see, the tent is deteriorating and literally coming apart at the seams.  All things considered and the fact that the tent has been enduring the tropical climate of Haiti for more than four years, we have been very blessed by the performance of this tent.  I say more than four years because the tent had already been used here in Haiti before it was given to us to use for the school.

However!  A new building is under construction and we are thrilled to share these pictures with you!

Hauling in lumber to be used as forms for the top horizontal concrete framework.

After the top horizontal concrete framework is done we need to purchase the lumber to build the trusses.

Thank you for visiting.  And thank you for your support, prayers & donations.

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